Sunday, 20 December 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Wishing all readers of "Raintree Earth Designs" who celebrate it, a wonderful time over Christmas and a very Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year.

Thank you so much for visiting this year and taking a look at my photography and designs. I do really appreciate it and hope you found some lovely things for you and your home. 

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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Aprons For Cooks Who Like Nature.

Aprons are so useful and often necessary when cooking. Things can get messy in the kitchen and these aprons keep you and your clothes clean and tidy and look great:) 

They also make a great gift as you don't need to know the exact size of the person and as long as you choose a design you think they may like you can't go far wrong.

Fuschia Flowers Adult Apron
Fuschia Flowers Adult Apron by RaintreeDesigns
Check out more Flowers Aprons at Zazzle
These aprons all have unique, original photographs as the design. I enjoyed taking these photos in my own garden or out in nature or when visiting the countryside. Some demanded more patience to take them than others and I loved being out and about appreciating  all that nature has to offer.

Designs include horses, cats, vegetables and fruit, birds, fish, wildlife including meerkats and squirrels.  Also many types of flowers including roses and scenes of nature. 

There is surely an apron here for the person who likes to cook and loves nature and animals. 

Click through the links to have a browse of all aprons available.

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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Rose With Raindrops, Beauty In Creation.

Here is a Beautiful Pink Rose with Raindrops Throw Pillow , a card and a fleece blanket of the same design by my friend susan52z. just so beautiful! The rain drops on the rose are captured beautifully. The pale pink colour is one of my favourite looks in a rose.

The rose was on the bush by the front steps of Susan's  home. She can see this rose from her desk and it caught her eye one rainy morning.

As she told me, some days the raindrops just really show up and this was one of those days. She did a beautiful job of capturing this photograph. 

This is a lovely cushion that will look gorgeous in any home and would make a really beautiful gift especially for a Birthday, Christmas present or house warming. 

Beautiful Pink Rose with Raindrops Throw Pillow
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There is a tiny flaw on the edge of the one of the petals and Susan does not remember seeing it when she took the photograph. To her and to me this is a perfect example of focussing on the beauty in creation while overlooking the flaws.

Enjoy this lovely creation.... 

Here is a beautiful card with the same gorgeous rose photograph. Maybe you know someone who would appreciate this?

Beautiful Rose Ecclesiastes 3:11 Scripture Card
Beautiful Rose Ecclesiastes 3:11 Scripture Card by susan52z
Create custom greeting cards at Zazzle.

A lovely fleece blanket for those chilly winter nights or just to cuddle up in all nice and cosy and very pretty indeed! A beautiful throw which would look perfect in many bedrooms and home decor. 
Beautiful Pink Rose with Raindrops Fleece Blanket
Beautiful Pink Rose with Raindrops Fleece Blanket by susan52z
Look at Floral Fleece Blankets online at


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Thursday, 19 November 2015

The Wonderful Meerkat In Gifts

If like me you love Meerkats or you know someone who loves Meerkats you may like to check out these Meerkat gifts.

From cushions to gift wrapping paper to key rings and mugs there is a gift here for the person who thinks Meerkats are cute! 

The photographs are taken by me at a nearby Meerkat sanctuary. I had a very fascinating day watching these amazing creatures and completely fell in love with them! Each had their own personality and all were adorable.  

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Friday, 18 September 2015

Amazing Peacocks!

There are few sights more spectacular than a male peacock in full display. We were lucky enough to see this on a visit to a country park where there are several peahens and peacocks. 

We do usually see them wandering majestically around the grounds, graceful and elegant, but rarely see them fan out their feathers in a full display. 

When this photograph was taken we had just stopped to look at the seasonal vegetables the walled garden was selling that day when into view came a glorious peacock! 

He then suddenly started to fan his gorgeous tail feathers and broke into a full and lengthy display to impress the female peahens.

Honestly the females didn't seem that impressed with him but he kept displaying for a good twenty minutes. We were all impressed anyway ! 

I hope you enjoy these peacock items. I love the beauty of the colours of the peacock, the greens and blues and striking shapes and forms of the feathers and intricate pattern. Nature really does it best !

Here are items from technology covers, home wear, clothing, accessories and ornaments for Christmas, craft stickers and many more. 

Many of these items can be customised to include a special message. Please click through the link below to see more choices.
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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Floral Technology Gadget Covers

I love flowers and I use technology so a great combination for me is to have technology covered in flowers!  All the tech products shown here from ipads, various phones and gadgets have covers with a floral theme from Raintree Designs.

From tulips to roses, daffodils, fuschia flowers and many more it really brightens up often boring cases. There are many different colours from whites to yellows to pinks. The moods of flowers vary from the formal to the more wild and flowing.

Each one of these is a unique photograph that was taken out in nature, in our home or garden or out on walks in the countryside. 

Some of these flowers like daffodils flower for such a short time then they are gone but here you can keep them as a reminder of that moment in time in nature.  

Most of us now use technology every day such as our phones and various ipads and it is good to retain that link with nature even as we do so. 

Nature is very important to me and I love all flowers so I hope you enjoy browsing these items as well and that you find one perfect for you or as a gift for a loved one.

Simply click on the picture or link to see the whole collection.

Floral Technology Gadget Covers
Floral Technology Gadget Covers
by Annie (Raintree Designs)

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Friday, 8 May 2015

Roses- Beautiful and Loving Gifts.

Roses, I just adore them. I am so looking forward to seeing roses in our garden again. I would love to have more roses.

Often in the summer when roses are at their best we visit some beautiful rose gardens, they look gorgeous and the scent of these gardens is amazing. 

For me, while I love many flowers, there is something very special about a rose. I hope you enjoy these roses on the gifts and the rose quotes and poetry. 

Precious Pink Roses Drink Coasters
Precious Pink Roses Drink Coasters by RaintreeDesigns
Browse Roses Cork Coasters online at

I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.
- Emma Goldman

Bouquet of Roses Note Book
Bouquet of Roses Note Book by RaintreeDesigns
Create a customized notebook at Zazzle

The rose is without an explanation:She blooms because she blooms. 
Angela Silesius 

Precious Pink Roses Ceramic Heart Decoration
Precious Pink Roses Ceramic Heart Decoration by RaintreeDesigns
Create personalized picture Christmas ornaments at 

 The Rose is gowned in petaled grace and lovely beyond telling;
She always lifts a friendly face, regardless of her dwelling.
Her golden silence can express to us, no matter where, joy shared;
give solace in distress from those who fondly care. The Rose has ways of saying things we much delight to hear;
without a spoken word, she brings and keeps our loved ones near
~Laura S. Beck
Bouquet of Roses Jewelry Boxes
Bouquet of Roses Jewelry Boxes by RaintreeDesigns
See more Rose Gift Boxes at

That which God said to the rose and caused it to laugh in full - blown beauty, He said to my heart and made it a hundred times more beautifull. 

Precious Pink Roses Square Pendant Necklace
Precious Pink Roses Square Pendant Necklace by RaintreeDesigns
Make your own personalized pendants at Zazzle. 

Do you love roses?

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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Sleeping White Duck Reflection

It was a beautiful warm Spring day. The sort of day we love to experience in the early Springtime but rarely do. Warm enough for a summer dress and sunglasses and cool enough to be comfortable. Lovely flowers shooting up everywhere and the sound of birds singing in the trees. A day by the lake , coffee and sandwiches and a gentle stroll, a perfect day.

So as usual I had my camera with me and as my hubby and I took a walk around the lake we came across this quietly sleeping white duck. Just so calm, serene, resting.

The blue water was so still and tranquil we could see the ducks reflection and even the feet in the water. We stood there still and quiet for about ten minutes. It was like a meditation, just quietly observing nature, breathing and enjoying the peace.

I hope you enjoy to share in the peace of this sleeping white duck with us. It is now on a variety of products including a Canvas print artwork to mugs, greetings cards, bag, stickers and ornaments and more. Simply click through to visit my store* and find out more.

Sleeping White Duck Reflection Decals For 17" Laptops
Sleeping White Duck Reflection Decals For 17" Laptops by RaintreeDesigns
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Monday, 20 April 2015

The Fascinating And Hypnotic Owl In Gifts.

I find Owls fascinating. The beauty of the birds feathers, the way they turn their heads around and especially the amazing hypnotic eyes.

Only once did we see a beautiful Barn Owl in our back garden sitting on the washing line pole, clearly seeking its dinner! My heart was beating so fast as it turned its head around to look at us and unfazed carried on scanning the garden. However we often hear them and it is a haunting and beautiful sound you never forget. 

There are many breeds of owl from Barn owls to the Little owl and many more. I am so privileged to have held an owl once which was indeed an honour. Its grace and power and presence was truly wonderful...

So I just adore anything with Owls on it and when designing these products thought that I could not miss out having some Owls. 

So I do hope you enjoy these beautiful , amazing and somewhat haunting creatures. Any of these products would make perfect gifts for the person in your life who loves Owls.Don't forget you can customise the designs to make them your own with a special message or names etc.

Congratulations Wise One Card Greeting Card
Congratulations Wise One Card Greeting Card by RaintreeDesigns
Browse more Owl Cards at Zazzle

If in UK please use Congratulations Wise One Greeting Card By Raintree Designs 

This is only a small sample of the gifts with an Owl or bird theme.

If you love birds and would like to see more Owl and Bird designs please check out this page Birds Gifts 

If in UK and you love Owls and Birds and would like to see more gifts please take a look at this page Birds Gifts   

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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The Wonder Of Water In Design and Gifts

I love water, lakes, rivers streams and ponds. There is something fascinating and beautiful, life giving about natural water. Here you can see the beauty of water in gifts, kitchen wear, ornaments etc.

There is also that element that although we try we cannot completely control water, the rain falls when it will, oceans swell and tides come and go all with no intervention from us. 

We cannot fully grasp water. Even when we try to hold it in our hands it slips through. In fact we are better if we wish to experience water to simply put our hands in the water in a stream and let the brook flow over our skin.

This design is one I took on a beautiful lake near to us on a summers day with the cloud hanging over one part of the lake. There is nothing quite like looking over a still gently rippling lake, when the breeze just catches the upper layers of water.  I find it calming and soothing, simple and very beautiful.

 I adapted it a little to provide more contrast but it is essentially  how the lake appeared that day. 

I think it looks cool on many of these designs.  Here is a small selection of the designs available. 

Rippling Water Coasters
Rippling Water Coasters by RaintreeDesigns
Browse other Water Cork Coasters

If in UK please use the following link Rippling Water Coasters By Raintree Designs  

This is only a small selection of all the designs available. To see all the gifts with this design  and a few different ones please follow the links below 

If you would like to see all the designs within this category please take a look at this page  Raintree Designs Sky, Clouds, Water Gifts  

If in UK and would like to see all the designs within this category please take a look at this page Raintree Designs Sky,Clouds,Water Gifts.

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Monday, 26 January 2015

Cool, Green Palm Cushion

I took this photograph of this palm while on holiday in Portugal about three years ago. It was an extremely hot, very sunny day and the shade of the palms was very welcome and cooling.

The gentle breeze made the fronds rustle and wave in the wind. Very lovely, very cooling and just the shade we needed.

I thought it made a great design for this cushion. I love the colour and shapes and  the look of texture and depth of the foliage. It will make a lovely addition to a home. I always think cushions make a home look comfortable and homely somehow. 

A statement cushion is a very easy and inexpensive way to change the look of a room a little and make it seem fresh and interesting. Adding home decor like this is a lot easier and more affordable than totally redecorating and can be very effective.

Green Palm Cushion Pillows
Green Palm Cushion Pillows by RaintreeDesigns
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Friday, 23 January 2015

The Lovely Look Of Relaxing Lavender Flowers on Gifts

I really love lavender. It never ceases to make me feel happy, relaxed and feel a sense of contentment. A reminder of sultry summer days, of bees and butterflies, picnics and long lazy walks through lavender fields.

I love the colours the mauves, deep purples and whites. On their own,  in each separate colour they look stunning and mixed together in a relaxed drift they look even better, simply relaxed, chilled out and gorgeous. 

Here I have taken photographs of lavender fields and made it into beautiful items for the home or to use, to keep in touch and for gifts. You and your loved ones can then experience the look of Lavender all year round.

I hope you enjoy them and if you love lavender or know a loved one who does, you may consider one of these as a gift. Each item can be customised for a personal touch so make a special gift. 

My Mum adores lavender and so she will be getting some of these items as part of her birthday gift and then for Mothers day! :) 

There are more lavender designs to come but here are some for now...   
Beautiful Lavender Happy Birthday Card
Beautiful Lavender Happy Birthday Card by RaintreeDesigns
Shop for a card with

If in UK please use this link Beautiful Lavender Happy Birthday Card By Raintree Designs. 

If you love the look of lavender but would like to smell the scent as well, you can either cut a few sprigs of lavender from your garden if you have any, or purchase Lavender oil. The scent of lavender is one of the best. It is pure and natural, very calming and relaxing and just lovely.

You can use Lavender scent in so many ways, as a room scent, in a diffuser, in a little pouch or bag to carry around or to keep in draws, a few drops on a pillow or on a small tissue inside a card.  I would suggest you go for the purest you can find. Here are a selection available. 

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Precious Pale Pink Delicate Roses On Gift Products.

If you love roses then you may find some items here that you like. I took this photograph of these adorable, pale pink delicate roses way back in the heat of the summer. 

They were so gorgeous they simply took my breath away and I loved looking at them and smelling their beautiful yet gentle scent. I adore roses in the garden, as cut flowers, as items for the home, gifts and greeting cards.

Roses are so evocative of that wonderful, abundant, lazy, warm and peaceful time...

Pale pink roses are certainly one of my favourite colours of roses probably followed by golden yellow then red. What you give or receive may depend on the occasion. 

Of course I am happy to receive any colour of rose at any time!  

However for me I think pale pink roses signify a gentle romantic loving love, an engagement, a wedding, a Valentine, an Anniversary. 

Also a caring love like for a mother or sister, or even to give to cheer someone up. It is beautiful, not strident or shouting, not "look at me",  but rather blending, natural, easy and serene.

Of course colours and roses mean many things to different people, these are simply my thoughts. 

Roses are certainly one of my favourite flowers of all time.I do hope you enjoy the products I made so far with these adorable roses.

Precious Roses Valentine Card
Precious Roses Valentine Card by RaintreeDesigns
Create personalized cards online at Zazzle.

 If you are in UK please order with this link  Precious Roses Valentines Card By Raintree Designs

Precious Roses Wrapping Paper
Precious Roses Wrapping Paper by RaintreeDesigns
Browse more Roses Wrapping Paper at Zazzle

If you order in UK please use this link Precious Roses Wrapping Paper By Raintree Designs  

Precious Roses Cushion Accent Cushion
Precious Roses Cushion Accent Cushion by RaintreeDesigns
Find more Roses Accent Pillows at Zazzle

 If you order in UK please use this link Precious Roses Accent Cushion By Raintree Designs

Beautiful Roses Custom Mug
Beautiful Roses Custom Mug by RaintreeDesigns
See other Roses Mugs at zazzle

 If you are in UK please order with this link Beautiful Roses Custom Mug  

Mugs are available in many different styles

Precious Roses Anniversary Card
Precious Roses Anniversary Card by RaintreeDesigns
Shop for a card with

 If you are in UK please order with this link Precious Roses Anniversary Card By Raintree Designs

All the items are customisable so if you would like to you can add your own very special message and fully personalise it. You will not find this in the shops so you are getting some thing more special.

I will be adding more designs over time so do keep a look out for anything that interests you, or let me know if you would like something in this roses design in the range zazzle offers.

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Friday, 9 January 2015

Tree Sparrows On Feeder Note Card

Today I would like to share with you a beautiful card made by a good friend Ann of these beautiful Tree Sparrows. I love these little birds and think this photograph is just beautiful with such a clear picture of both birds heads and then the gorgeous fantail of the other bird.

 A lovely card for anyone who appreciates birds and nature.

Ann is a keen birdwatcher and photographer and this was taken at Bempton Cliffs in Yorkshire UK which is famous as home to the largest onland colony of Gannets and also these adorable Tree Sparrows.

Note Card: Tree Sparrows on Feeder
Note Card: Tree Sparrows on Feeder by Just_Cards
make a card online at zazzle

Sadly in many areas of UK Tree Sparrows are a rare sight having lost around 93% of the birds population between 1970 and 2008. Thankfully there are some initiatives in place to try to rectify this situation.

So you can imagine how thrilled Ann was to find so many tree Sparrows in one area! 

They do tend to live in small colonies or sometimes with their larger house sparrows in larger colonies. They come there to be fed and they also like to nest under red pantiles of the Visitor centre.These little birds love to utilise the spaces between the tiles which are just the right size for them and keep them and the nest warm.

While most birds in UK pair up in the  Spring these tree sparrows like to find a mate in Autumn.   Mainly seed eaters but they do feed insects to their young and have three broods of up to seven eggs each time a year.

I hope you enjoy this lovely card available to buy Tree Sparrows On Feeder by Just Cards at Zazzle 

If you are in US and would like to order this card please use this link  Tree Sparrows On Feeder 

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