Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Floral Technology Gadget Covers

I love flowers and I use technology so a great combination for me is to have technology covered in flowers!  All the tech products shown here from ipads, various phones and gadgets have covers with a floral theme from Raintree Designs.

From tulips to roses, daffodils, fuschia flowers and many more it really brightens up often boring cases. There are many different colours from whites to yellows to pinks. The moods of flowers vary from the formal to the more wild and flowing.

Each one of these is a unique photograph that was taken out in nature, in our home or garden or out on walks in the countryside. 

Some of these flowers like daffodils flower for such a short time then they are gone but here you can keep them as a reminder of that moment in time in nature.  

Most of us now use technology every day such as our phones and various ipads and it is good to retain that link with nature even as we do so. 

Nature is very important to me and I love all flowers so I hope you enjoy browsing these items as well and that you find one perfect for you or as a gift for a loved one.

Simply click on the picture or link to see the whole collection.

Floral Technology Gadget Covers
Floral Technology Gadget Covers
by Annie (Raintree Designs)

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