Friday, 12 December 2014

A Time For Peace Greeting Card

This is an item by my friend at DreyasWorld and I love this photograph very much. I can imagine sitting there and drinking in the peace and calm. It makes for a beautiful card and I love the story behind it. 

It is a lovely calming photograph of  a spring, shot from their garden in France. It is taken from a seat under a pine tree, which is one of the places in the garden she likes to sit and contemplate...

The bamboo bridge was made by her partner and goes over a small rill which can be dry in the summer to a torrent in the winter and early spring if they have had a lot of rain. 

The seat and this part of the garden is a lovely quiet place where she can hear the birds and sometimes watch pretty red squirrels!

She loves to feel the peace of the place there and often has time to think, or receive inspiration. It's a favourite spot for her - though one of quite a few.

A Time for Peace Greeting Cards
A Time for Peace Greeting Cards by DreyasWorld
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