Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Meerkat Happy Birthday Card.

Lets start with the ever cute and fascinating Meerkats!

This photo was taken at a Meerkat sanctuary near us. These lovely creatures were running around and staging "look out" posts for dangerous predators all the time. Of course no predators in a sanctuary, but they still kept a good look out! 

Very curious they came out to look at us and we thought they were beautiful. 

Here wishing you  a Happy Birthday on this customisable card, so add your own personal message as you wish. 

Would make a lovely Birthday Card for anyone who loves Meerkats or animals.

Meerkats Happy Birthday Greeting! Card
Meerkats Happy Birthday Greeting! Card by RaintreeDesigns
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Meerkat Happy Birthday Greeting Card by Raintree Designs

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  1. Oh, I love meerkats! They are so precious and this is a lovely card. My daughter would love this card. Her favorite animal is the meerkat, well, after her kitties of course.

  2. @Cynthia Sylvestermouse Thats lovely you love meerkats and your daughter likes kitties and meerkats. I am hoping to do a range of meerkat items and there maybe some kitties in there somewhere too :) Thank you for visiting !