Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Precious Pale Pink Delicate Roses On Gift Products.

If you love roses then you may find some items here that you like. I took this photograph of these adorable, pale pink delicate roses way back in the heat of the summer. 

They were so gorgeous they simply took my breath away and I loved looking at them and smelling their beautiful yet gentle scent. I adore roses in the garden, as cut flowers, as items for the home, gifts and greeting cards.

Roses are so evocative of that wonderful, abundant, lazy, warm and peaceful time...

Pale pink roses are certainly one of my favourite colours of roses probably followed by golden yellow then red. What you give or receive may depend on the occasion. 

Of course I am happy to receive any colour of rose at any time!  

However for me I think pale pink roses signify a gentle romantic loving love, an engagement, a wedding, a Valentine, an Anniversary. 

Also a caring love like for a mother or sister, or even to give to cheer someone up. It is beautiful, not strident or shouting, not "look at me",  but rather blending, natural, easy and serene.

Of course colours and roses mean many things to different people, these are simply my thoughts. 

Roses are certainly one of my favourite flowers of all time.I do hope you enjoy the products I made so far with these adorable roses.

Precious Roses Valentine Card
Precious Roses Valentine Card by RaintreeDesigns
Create personalized cards online at Zazzle.

 If you are in UK please order with this link  Precious Roses Valentines Card By Raintree Designs

Precious Roses Wrapping Paper
Precious Roses Wrapping Paper by RaintreeDesigns
Browse more Roses Wrapping Paper at Zazzle

If you order in UK please use this link Precious Roses Wrapping Paper By Raintree Designs  

Precious Roses Cushion Accent Cushion
Precious Roses Cushion Accent Cushion by RaintreeDesigns
Find more Roses Accent Pillows at Zazzle

 If you order in UK please use this link Precious Roses Accent Cushion By Raintree Designs

Beautiful Roses Custom Mug
Beautiful Roses Custom Mug by RaintreeDesigns
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Mugs are available in many different styles

Precious Roses Anniversary Card
Precious Roses Anniversary Card by RaintreeDesigns
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 If you are in UK please order with this link Precious Roses Anniversary Card By Raintree Designs

All the items are customisable so if you would like to you can add your own very special message and fully personalise it. You will not find this in the shops so you are getting some thing more special.

I will be adding more designs over time so do keep a look out for anything that interests you, or let me know if you would like something in this roses design in the range zazzle offers.

Thank you for visiting and please share.

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