Thursday 13 August 2020

Love Hedgehogs!

Love Hedgehogs, Be A Wild Gardener! 

We were sitting out in the garden late one summer evening about 8pm. It was just becoming dusk though still light enough to see well. we were just talking quietly and then we heard a rustling in the edge of the shrub birder. we kept very still and waited. I carefully got my camera a out and poised to take a photo of whatever it was that was wandering in the bushes. 

Suddenly there it was a beautiful hedgehog!! We were overjoyed to see this endangered creature in our garden!! For years we have made our garden hedgehog friendly and now this was our reward. 

Now he or she is a wild creature and should never be handled or taken indoors unless sick or injured. they are certainly not pets and not to be domesticated. The beautiful, inquisitive and just plain cute hedgehog is in rapid decline.

We need as many of these gorgeous hedgehogs in the wild as possible as they are endangered and we do not want them to become extinct. 

 So now our garden is home to one of these gorgeous creatures and we are so happy! They are becoming very rare and they need our help now! 

Every one of us can help stop its extinction by doing a little to help.

  • Make a patch in the garden "wild", let the grass grow a bit longer.
  • Make a small -or large - undisturbed woodpile, gather leaves and pile them up or just leave the leaves where they fall in borders. 
  • Provide a dish of clean water.
  •  Make accessible holes in fences so Hedgehogs can roam.They need large territories much bigger than most gardens so need to be able to roam in between your neighbours gardens as well. 
  •  Check any bonfires for hogs before you light them.
  • Check your garden before doing any deadly strimming. 

You may be rewarded with a wild Hedgehog or two! In the meantime enjoy these photos of our hedgehog and the items I thought he or she looked lovely on. 

Love Hedgehogs Card
Love Hedgehogs Card
by RaintreeDesigns

Do you like Hedgehogs?

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Thursday 9 January 2020

Nature Inspired Coasters

I like to have coasters all over our home. I find they are so handy and so much better than trying to get ring marks off furniture when a careless person has just put a nice hot mug of coffee down! 

Equally it is lovely to be able to serve drinks to guests on a unique pretty coaster.

With this in mind and because we love nature and animals I made a whole series of nature coasters that you can now purchase here on my zazzle store.

Please take a look at the small selection here to give you an idea then click through to my Store to see the full collection here.

I like our home to look nice and if at all possible tidy! I do find that having a variety of coasters around helps for people to use them.

 So I don't keep our coasters in a draw but have most of them out on display much of the time. 

So they need to be pretty, practical and fit the decor of our home and they need to be interesting. 


The designs are all original photographs taken by myself or my husband while we are on our nature walks locally in our own garden or on holiday. 

They range from flowers, various animals, beach and nature scenes and I am always adding new designs.

Some coasters are round in shape, some square or with rounded edges. 

In materials, they range from marble, sandstone, travertine, and limestone finished with a cork backing for scratch-free tables to hard Plastic coasters with cork back. 

Some are sold individually, some as a pack.

Please take a look at a small selection here and do click through to the page to see the full collection of current coasters here.

So whether you like nature scenes, animals, birds or flowers there is a coaster here for you and your home. Coasters also make great housewarming gifts too!! 

Please Click through to my Store to see the full collection here.

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