Monday, 21 March 2016

Do You Enjoy A Puzzle?

Do you like Jigsaw Puzzles or know someone who does? My late Mum in law absolutely loved jigsaw puzzles, the more complicated the better! She really was amazing with them. She also had the patience to sit down and work on them and found it very relaxing. it was something she could do and got a great deal of enjoyment from even when she was older and not very well. 

So it was always easy to buy her presents, for her Birthdays, Christmasd and Mothers Day, she always liked a jigsaw puzzle. What I did not find easy  was to buy her one that she did not already have or that was boring and seen in the shops everywhere. She was looking for unique one off designs that she could work on. 

So when I started working at Zazzle I wanted to make a range of Jigsaw Puzzles that could be fun to work on and not something everyone would see everywhere. My photographs are mainly of animals, birds, nature, flowers, countryside and as I love taking the photographs they are all personal and unique. 

The Jigsaw puzzles come in a beautiful gift box and have the image printed in the lid. The pieces are made from cardboard stock mounted on chipboard with an easy wipe clean surface. Simply click through any of the designs to see more. 

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