Monday, 20 April 2015

The Fascinating And Hypnotic Owl In Gifts.

I find Owls fascinating. The beauty of the birds feathers, the way they turn their heads around and especially the amazing hypnotic eyes.

Only once did we see a beautiful Barn Owl in our back garden sitting on the washing line pole, clearly seeking its dinner! My heart was beating so fast as it turned its head around to look at us and unfazed carried on scanning the garden. However we often hear them and it is a haunting and beautiful sound you never forget. 

There are many breeds of owl from Barn owls to the Little owl and many more. I am so privileged to have held an owl once which was indeed an honour. Its grace and power and presence was truly wonderful...

So I just adore anything with Owls on it and when designing these products thought that I could not miss out having some Owls. 

So I do hope you enjoy these beautiful , amazing and somewhat haunting creatures. Any of these products would make perfect gifts for the person in your life who loves Owls.Don't forget you can customise the designs to make them your own with a special message or names etc.

Congratulations Wise One Card Greeting Card
Congratulations Wise One Card Greeting Card by RaintreeDesigns
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If in UK please use Congratulations Wise One Greeting Card By Raintree Designs 

This is only a small sample of the gifts with an Owl or bird theme.

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If in UK and you love Owls and Birds and would like to see more gifts please take a look at this page Birds Gifts   

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