Thursday, 2 June 2016

Beautiful And Useful Bags

I rarely if ever use plastic bags anymore. I tend to take a re useable bag with me when out shopping and keep quite a few in the back of the car for food shopping trips! Many shops do not provide bags anymore here or if they do charge a price for a bag that only lasts a day or two then splits or tears. 

Plastic bags are generally not good for the wider environment as they take so long to degrade and sadly if they are left as litter, animals and birds and sealife can get stuck inside them and suffocate. Equally small children, babies and plastic bags can be a dangerous combination.

So it is so much better all round to buy and use re useable bags. Here is a selection of bags that are not only useful but have unique photographs of animals, birds,cats, Llamas, sheep, horses and more. Simply click on the links below to view more. 

There are bags here for people who love flowers. There are many different original photographs of gorgeous flowers with many beautiful colours from pinks,red,whites, purples, yellows and purples.Simply click on the links below to view more. 
Bags With Beautiful Flowers
Bags With Beautiful Flowers
by Annie (Raintree Designs)

There are also bags with lovely scenes of nature in the sky and the scenery, water, clouds and more. Simply click on the links below to view more. 

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