Monday, 26 January 2015

Cool, Green Palm Cushion

I took this photograph of this palm while on holiday in Portugal about three years ago. It was an extremely hot, very sunny day and the shade of the palms was very welcome and cooling.

The gentle breeze made the fronds rustle and wave in the wind. Very lovely, very cooling and just the shade we needed.

I thought it made a great design for this cushion. I love the colour and shapes and  the look of texture and depth of the foliage. It will make a lovely addition to a home. I always think cushions make a home look comfortable and homely somehow. 

A statement cushion is a very easy and inexpensive way to change the look of a room a little and make it seem fresh and interesting. Adding home decor like this is a lot easier and more affordable than totally redecorating and can be very effective.

Green Palm Cushion Pillows
Green Palm Cushion Pillows by RaintreeDesigns
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Friday, 23 January 2015

The Lovely Look Of Relaxing Lavender Flowers on Gifts

I really love lavender. It never ceases to make me feel happy, relaxed and feel a sense of contentment. A reminder of sultry summer days, of bees and butterflies, picnics and long lazy walks through lavender fields.

I love the colours the mauves, deep purples and whites. On their own,  in each separate colour they look stunning and mixed together in a relaxed drift they look even better, simply relaxed, chilled out and gorgeous. 

Here I have taken photographs of lavender fields and made it into beautiful items for the home or to use, to keep in touch and for gifts. You and your loved ones can then experience the look of Lavender all year round.

I hope you enjoy them and if you love lavender or know a loved one who does, you may consider one of these as a gift. Each item can be customised for a personal touch so make a special gift. 

My Mum adores lavender and so she will be getting some of these items as part of her birthday gift and then for Mothers day! :) 

There are more lavender designs to come but here are some for now...   
Beautiful Lavender Happy Birthday Card
Beautiful Lavender Happy Birthday Card by RaintreeDesigns
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If in UK please use this link Beautiful Lavender Happy Birthday Card By Raintree Designs. 

If you love the look of lavender but would like to smell the scent as well, you can either cut a few sprigs of lavender from your garden if you have any, or purchase Lavender oil. The scent of lavender is one of the best. It is pure and natural, very calming and relaxing and just lovely.

You can use Lavender scent in so many ways, as a room scent, in a diffuser, in a little pouch or bag to carry around or to keep in draws, a few drops on a pillow or on a small tissue inside a card.  I would suggest you go for the purest you can find. Here are a selection available. 

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Precious Pale Pink Delicate Roses On Gift Products.

If you love roses then you may find some items here that you like. I took this photograph of these adorable, pale pink delicate roses way back in the heat of the summer. 

They were so gorgeous they simply took my breath away and I loved looking at them and smelling their beautiful yet gentle scent. I adore roses in the garden, as cut flowers, as items for the home, gifts and greeting cards.

Roses are so evocative of that wonderful, abundant, lazy, warm and peaceful time...

Pale pink roses are certainly one of my favourite colours of roses probably followed by golden yellow then red. What you give or receive may depend on the occasion. 

Of course I am happy to receive any colour of rose at any time!  

However for me I think pale pink roses signify a gentle romantic loving love, an engagement, a wedding, a Valentine, an Anniversary. 

Also a caring love like for a mother or sister, or even to give to cheer someone up. It is beautiful, not strident or shouting, not "look at me",  but rather blending, natural, easy and serene.

Of course colours and roses mean many things to different people, these are simply my thoughts. 

Roses are certainly one of my favourite flowers of all time.I do hope you enjoy the products I made so far with these adorable roses.

Precious Roses Valentine Card
Precious Roses Valentine Card by RaintreeDesigns
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Precious Roses Wrapping Paper
Precious Roses Wrapping Paper by RaintreeDesigns
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Precious Roses Cushion Accent Cushion
Precious Roses Cushion Accent Cushion by RaintreeDesigns
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Beautiful Roses Custom Mug
Beautiful Roses Custom Mug by RaintreeDesigns
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Mugs are available in many different styles

Precious Roses Anniversary Card
Precious Roses Anniversary Card by RaintreeDesigns
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All the items are customisable so if you would like to you can add your own very special message and fully personalise it. You will not find this in the shops so you are getting some thing more special.

I will be adding more designs over time so do keep a look out for anything that interests you, or let me know if you would like something in this roses design in the range zazzle offers.

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Friday, 9 January 2015

Tree Sparrows On Feeder Note Card

Today I would like to share with you a beautiful card made by a good friend Ann of these beautiful Tree Sparrows. I love these little birds and think this photograph is just beautiful with such a clear picture of both birds heads and then the gorgeous fantail of the other bird.

 A lovely card for anyone who appreciates birds and nature.

Ann is a keen birdwatcher and photographer and this was taken at Bempton Cliffs in Yorkshire UK which is famous as home to the largest onland colony of Gannets and also these adorable Tree Sparrows.

Note Card: Tree Sparrows on Feeder
Note Card: Tree Sparrows on Feeder by Just_Cards
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Sadly in many areas of UK Tree Sparrows are a rare sight having lost around 93% of the birds population between 1970 and 2008. Thankfully there are some initiatives in place to try to rectify this situation.

So you can imagine how thrilled Ann was to find so many tree Sparrows in one area! 

They do tend to live in small colonies or sometimes with their larger house sparrows in larger colonies. They come there to be fed and they also like to nest under red pantiles of the Visitor centre.These little birds love to utilise the spaces between the tiles which are just the right size for them and keep them and the nest warm.

While most birds in UK pair up in the  Spring these tree sparrows like to find a mate in Autumn.   Mainly seed eaters but they do feed insects to their young and have three broods of up to seven eggs each time a year.

I hope you enjoy this lovely card available to buy Tree Sparrows On Feeder by Just Cards at Zazzle 

If you are in US and would like to order this card please use this link  Tree Sparrows On Feeder 

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