Friday, 23 January 2015

The Lovely Look Of Relaxing Lavender Flowers on Gifts

I really love lavender. It never ceases to make me feel happy, relaxed and feel a sense of contentment. A reminder of sultry summer days, of bees and butterflies, picnics and long lazy walks through lavender fields.

I love the colours the mauves, deep purples and whites. On their own,  in each separate colour they look stunning and mixed together in a relaxed drift they look even better, simply relaxed, chilled out and gorgeous. 

Here I have taken photographs of lavender fields and made it into beautiful items for the home or to use, to keep in touch and for gifts. You and your loved ones can then experience the look of Lavender all year round.

I hope you enjoy them and if you love lavender or know a loved one who does, you may consider one of these as a gift. Each item can be customised for a personal touch so make a special gift. 

My Mum adores lavender and so she will be getting some of these items as part of her birthday gift and then for Mothers day! :) 

There are more lavender designs to come but here are some for now...   
Beautiful Lavender Happy Birthday Card
Beautiful Lavender Happy Birthday Card by RaintreeDesigns
Shop for a card with

If in UK please use this link Beautiful Lavender Happy Birthday Card By Raintree Designs. 

If you love the look of lavender but would like to smell the scent as well, you can either cut a few sprigs of lavender from your garden if you have any, or purchase Lavender oil. The scent of lavender is one of the best. It is pure and natural, very calming and relaxing and just lovely.

You can use Lavender scent in so many ways, as a room scent, in a diffuser, in a little pouch or bag to carry around or to keep in draws, a few drops on a pillow or on a small tissue inside a card.  I would suggest you go for the purest you can find. Here are a selection available. 

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