Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The Wonder Of Water In Design and Gifts

I love water, lakes, rivers streams and ponds. There is something fascinating and beautiful, life giving about natural water. Here you can see the beauty of water in gifts, kitchen wear, ornaments etc.

There is also that element that although we try we cannot completely control water, the rain falls when it will, oceans swell and tides come and go all with no intervention from us. 

We cannot fully grasp water. Even when we try to hold it in our hands it slips through. In fact we are better if we wish to experience water to simply put our hands in the water in a stream and let the brook flow over our skin.

This design is one I took on a beautiful lake near to us on a summers day with the cloud hanging over one part of the lake. There is nothing quite like looking over a still gently rippling lake, when the breeze just catches the upper layers of water.  I find it calming and soothing, simple and very beautiful.

 I adapted it a little to provide more contrast but it is essentially  how the lake appeared that day. 

I think it looks cool on many of these designs.  Here is a small selection of the designs available. 

Rippling Water Coasters
Rippling Water Coasters by RaintreeDesigns
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If in UK please use the following link Rippling Water Coasters By Raintree Designs  

This is only a small selection of all the designs available. To see all the gifts with this design  and a few different ones please follow the links below 

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If in UK and would like to see all the designs within this category please take a look at this page Raintree Designs Sky,Clouds,Water Gifts.

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