Friday, 18 September 2015

Amazing Peacocks!

There are few sights more spectacular than a male peacock in full display. We were lucky enough to see this on a visit to a country park where there are several peahens and peacocks. 

We do usually see them wandering majestically around the grounds, graceful and elegant, but rarely see them fan out their feathers in a full display. 

When this photograph was taken we had just stopped to look at the seasonal vegetables the walled garden was selling that day when into view came a glorious peacock! 

He then suddenly started to fan his gorgeous tail feathers and broke into a full and lengthy display to impress the female peahens.

Honestly the females didn't seem that impressed with him but he kept displaying for a good twenty minutes. We were all impressed anyway ! 

I hope you enjoy these peacock items. I love the beauty of the colours of the peacock, the greens and blues and striking shapes and forms of the feathers and intricate pattern. Nature really does it best !

Here are items from technology covers, home wear, clothing, accessories and ornaments for Christmas, craft stickers and many more. 

Many of these items can be customised to include a special message. Please click through the link below to see more choices.
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