Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Fishes On Gift Items

If you or someone you know likes fish  or loves fishing some of these gift ideas may be appreciated.

All the photographs here of the fish were taken by me or my husband patiently waiting by a lake. The fish here are quite tame, when they want to be! Sometimes we got so many fish visiting at once it was difficult to get a clear photograph and other times we waited...It was lovely sitting by the lake, camera in hand with the sun and a gentle breeze.

I love fish and can watch them for hours. I find them very relaxing to watch and be around and I like to feed them where possible as well. Some of their colours are beautiful. It is fun to see the tiny ones who move so fast and the large ones who are often quite brave coming close to us in this lake. 

I do hope you like some of these and enjoy browsing. Just click the picture to see many more fish photos and items for sale. 

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