Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Bulrushes By Water Cushion

I took this photograph on a beautiful hot summers day in July at a nature reserve we discovered recently. 

It used to be a quarry and the Wildlife trust worked with the Quarry Owners to release the land once it was no longer productive and then they filled the quarry pits with water, planted it up and waited for the wildlife to arrive-which they did in droves :)  

It is a truly beautiful place now and I love to see all the beautiful natural plants and weeds and all manner of wildflowers surrounding the large lakes.

Bulrushes are in decline where I live and so it was a wonderful sight for me to see these. It brought bak memories of my childhood when Mum and me used to go for long bike rides often alongside river banks and we so often saw these beautiful bulrushes which were a favorite of my Mums. Bulrushes are somtimes known as reed mace or cattatils as well.  

In the story ark of bulrushes in the Book  of Exodus it is said that Moses as an infant child was found in a boat made of Bulrushes. 

So I love this cushion which has the photograph design on both sides and incorporates the relaxing colours of blue, green and brown in a very natural way.  It would fit into many different style sof home and colour schemes and of course make a lovely gift  especially if the person loves natural scenes. 

Bulrushes By Water Cushion

Here are some other products made from the same Bulrushes photograph.

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